Never Trump

It should go without saying that I don’t believe that Donald Trump is
fit (intellectually, temperamentally, philosophically, etc.) to be the
President of the United States.

After his victory in the Indiana primary it seems to be a near-certainty
that he’ll be the Republican nominee, and I hope he loses.

I don’t have much hope that Republican delegates will have the courage to implement Ilya Somin’s suggestion to block Trump from the Convention Rules Committee.

So, I’m resigned to endure an election with Trump as a candidate, and
still hold out hope that the American people will be bright enough to
reject him in the general election.

And, another potential bright spot is that perhaps there will be many
people who reject Trump, but can’t bring themselves to support Hillary
Clinton, and will throw their attention and support to the Libertarian
candidate (probably Gary Johnson), and help sow the seeds for future
progress towards individual liberty.

A man can dream.